Sleep Issues and CUPS

February 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s a good thing I depend on CUPS for printing.

Lately, my Mac has been having some issues with sleeping. Any time I tried to put it to sleep, it would just sit there mocking me. I’d close the lid and it would continue about it’s merry way all the while I was angry because I wanted to go to sleep.

I tried fixing this by repairing permissions in the hope that some file responsible for sleep (such as my sleepimage file) had problematic permissions set. Alas, that didn’t work so I continued my search. I eventually came across this blog post which solved my problems.

I did as the post recommended – I ran “pmset -g assertions” (pmset is a tool to manage power management) and saw the following:

The cause of my grief revealed!

I killed that process (using the kill command here was a little cathartic) and voila!

I have no idea why CUPS would need to prevent my Mac from sleeping because I can guarantee that it won’t be “sleep printing.”


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